XCoin Streamer - [xereborn]

Betting Instructions

User Commands:
* balance
- tell you amount of Coins you have.
* join (army) : us, commonwealth, pe, wehr, etc.
- joins an army and gives you some Coins.
- join phrases availble for game the streamer subscribed to (COH1/COH2)
* bet # win/lose (number also accepts "all")
- bets in the current open betting session.

* my rank
* next rank
* buy rank
* transfer # xcoins to username
* checkodds
* discharge me

------ Special Commands For Special Users ONLY ------

* customtitle (your custom rank title)
* togglecustomtitle

Mods Commands:
* place your bets
* endbets
* setodds

Admin Commands (Streamer ONLY):
* I won/lost
- finalises the game result.
* all bets are off
- cancels the betting session.
* rescind
- anulls the last betting session, recredits and reopens the session (use if you accidently got the result wrong (it happens)).
* discharge (username)
- removes people from an army.
* place your bets # Vs. #
- starts betting (mods can also do this).
* # won/lost
- use with # = name for when shoutcasting.
* setmaxbet #
- to set the max bet limit.
* togglebuywithcoins
- changes whether users can or can't use coins to buy ranks.
* toggleverbose
- forces the bot to use whispers for common responses to commands such as balance and betting results.
* togglebetlimits
- changes whether the Coin betting limit is used or not.
* togglemodsclosebets
- changes whether you trust your mods/ops to close bets with "# win/lose" command
* toggleautoodds - changes whether the program automatically calculates approximate probabilities for you to win based on win/loss ratio. * setarmyjoincoins #
- changes the amount of Coins given to a user for joining an army.

More Information:

"balance" -> displays your xcoin balance in chat
"transfer # XCoins to user" -> will transfer "#" number of XCoins to the username "user"


IRC Moderators (OPs) can start betting by typing:
"Place your bets" -> This will give chat users 2 minutes to decide who they think will win the next game.

To wager your XCoins type "bet # XCoins on Xcom to win" or "bet # xcoins on Xcom to lose" -> where # is a number of XCoins from your XCoin balance.


bet # win/lose

The # can = "all" to bet your entire balance.

Users can check the odds of the currently open betting session by typing "checkodds"

After winning or losing, the primary streamer should type "I won" or "I lost" and this will trigger any lucky winners out there to have their accounts credited. (Payout is the reciprocal of the odds multiplied by the wager)

In the event of a disconnect or where the winner was not clear, the streamer can type "all bets are off" and this will trigger all bets to be re credited to their respective owners.

The rescind command can be used by the streamer if they made a mistake eg: they said they lost when they actually won. This will reopen the last betting session and correct the balance payments to that before the betting session was finalized.

To use the system for gamecasting the streamer can type "place your bets #1 Vs. #2" where '#1' is the name of the contender and '#2' is the name of their opponent. In this case the bets are placed relative to the contender. ie: bet 1 win (bets on the contender to win).

The outcome of a gamecast is finalized when the streamer types "# won/lost" where '#' is the name of either the contender or their opponent.

If you are having trouble guessing the outcome of games correctly you can type the command "pay to win" to deduct a number of XCoins from your balance but greatly increase your chance of success. (this is a joke.)