XCoin Streamer - [xereborn]

Betting Instructions

User Commands
!coin balance
!my balance
Displays the user coin balance.
!transfer # coins to userName
Transfers # of coins to a specified user.
!bet # win/lose
Initiates a users bet.
!check odds
Checks the set probability of the contender winning in the current betting session.
!join armyName
Joins a specified army.
!my rank
Tells you what your current rank is if you have joined an army.
!my bet
Tells the user their current bet.
!next rank
Tells the user their next available army rank.
!buy promotion
!buy rank
Buys the next promotion if enabled by the streamer and if the user has enough coins.
!stats steam64ID#
Displays the COH1 stats of a specified user indexed by steam64ID number.
Displays the maximum bet limit.
Displays the number of coins given for joining an army.
!pay to win
Displays a 'humorous' message.
A special command : allows turning on/off of the custom title for users with special titles.
!customtitle newTitleString
A special command : allows special users to set their custom army rank title.
!discharge me
Discharges the user from an army.
Lists the armies available to join.
!help commandName
Displays user help message
Displays a list of units available in your selected army.
!buy unitName
If you have joined an army use this command to buy units.
!sell unitName
If you are in an army and have already bought units you can use this command to sell them based on their health the value may be lower than what they were bought for.
Displays a list of buildings available in your selected army.
Displays a list of command structures available in your selected army.
!cost unitName
Displays the price of specified unit.
!gamecost unitName
Displays the price of specified unit in game (mp) (fuel) (munitions).
Displays all 'units' available to buy.
Displays all 'units' in your army.
Mod Commands
!setodds # between 0 and 1
!setprobability # between 0 and 1
Allows the setting of a bet sessions win probability.
!place your bets
Starts a new betting session.
!end bets
Ends the current betting session (cancels the betting timer).
Starts a quiz.
Cancels the current quiz with no winner.
!question type a custom question
!q type a custom question
Adds a custom question to the chat users list of questions.
!answer type an answer to your custom question.
!a type an answer to your custom question.
The answer to the question.
Toggles the quiz timer On/Off.
!myquiz 'optional question number'
Starts a quiz from the user created questions across all xcoin streams.
!streamquiz 'optional question number'
Starts a quiz from the user created questions within the current xcoin stream.
!questiontime # (0 to 1000 seconds)
Sets the quiz time per question. Accepts numbers between 0 and 1000 seconds.
!removequestion #
Removes the custom question.
Mod+ Commands
!I won
!I lost
Finalizes a betting session with a win/lose result.
Anulls the result of the last betting session, re-credits users and reopens the session.
!all bets are off
Cancels the current betting session and set the result to 'cancelled'.
Streamer Commands
!give userName # coins.
A command to give a user a specified number of coins.
Displays a summary of the most recent betting session in chat.
!discharge userName
Discharges a user from their current army.
!setmaxbet Value of maxbet > 0
Sets the maximum bet limit.
Toggles the bet limits on/off.
Toggles the chat bots verbose setting on/off.
Toggles the mod ability to close bets on/off.
Toggles the chat bots auto probability setting based on win/loss ratio on/off.
Toggles the ability to buy rank promotions with coins on/off.
Sets the amount of coins for joining an army.
Toggles the command prefix character '!' on/off.
!copycommand "commandToCopy" "newCommand"
This command allows 'multilanguage' support in that the streamer can rename commands that will function in the same way as the original command.
Toggles whether the quiz is allowed or not.
!quizprize coinValue
Sets the quiz prize value.